This is the website of Jan Bredenoord, architect/urbanist/researcher.

The main objective of this website is to focus on development of affordable housing for households with low incomes. Sustainable urban planning is always a precondition for housing, well connected to good practices and policies. The search for new knowledge on affordable housing within the context of the rapidly growing and changing cities might lead to knowledge exchange. Most of the information presented is related to social housing and (assisted) self-help housing in cities of the urban Global South.

Dr. ir. Jan Bredenoord is an architect/urbanist and researcher with over 40 years of experience in housing and planning, initially mainly in the Netherlands. He worked on housing policies, regional and urban development, infrastructure planning, public transportation systems, and sustainability issues. He holds a PhD in management instruments and policies for cities, with a focus on urban planning and public housing provision, from Delft University of Technology, the Netherlands. He has been working frequently in developing countries as a consultant and researcher. He has been on assignments in El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico, Nicaragua, Panama, Peru, Uganda, Uruguay, Vietnam, Thailand and Indonesia. Current research is focusing on incremental self-help housing, land-for-housing programs, housing cooperatives, and sustainability aspects of housing and building materials.

University of origin: University of Technology Delft, The Netherlands. Faculty of Architecture and the Built Environment
Research fellow (rt) at: International Development Studies, Utrecht University, Faculty of Geo-sciences.
Member of: ISOCARP International Society of City and Regional Planners; IFHP International Federation of Housing and Planning
Ambassador of: PUM Netherlands Senior Experts, The Hague
Researcher with: We Effect, Latin America (Swedish Cooperative Center) 2016-2018
Consultant at: The World Bank Group, Washington, DC  2015-2017
Keynote  Speaker: Thailand Institute of Scientific and Technological Research TISTR. March 2019