This is is the website of Jan Bredenoord.

Dr. Jan Bredenoord is an urban planner and researcher in social housing. In the first half of his career he worked in the Netherlands: at the province of Utrecht, the city of Utrecht and in the private advisory practice. He obtained his PhD at TU Delft on management instruments for urban development. For more than ten years he was a visiting researcher at International Development Studies, Geographical Faculty of Utrecht University. He started as a development adviser in 1988 for the city bond between Utrecht with the city of León in Nicaragua; a contact that continued into 2018. He carried out assignments and research for other international aid organizations in El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, México, Nicaragua, Panamá, Peru, Uganda, Uruguay, Vietnam, Thailand and Indonesia. He focused on sustainable urban planning and affordable housing for low-income households. In his research work, he drew attention to the social context in which households had to work hard for years to build a safe and sustainable home. The main themes covered in this collection are incremental self-help housing, land-for-housing programs, housing cooperatives with mutual aid, affordable sustainable housing and building materials. All these topics are related to self-construction and technical support for self-build (social) housing.

Current research:

Urban development for self-construction and social housing in Mexico; with experiences in Nezahualcóyotl and Tlalnepantla de Baz, Mexico City. Co-authors: Lorena Cabrera Montiel, PhD, University of Puebla, and Daniela Munoz-Levy, MSc., Mexico City Planning and Transportation Agency.

Research at: University of Technology Delft, The Netherlands. Faculty of Architecture and the Built Environment.
Research fellow (rt) at: Utrecht University, The Netherlands. Faculty of Geo-Sciences, International Development Studies.
Member of: IFHP International Federation of Housing and Planning
Friend of: ISOCARP International Society of City and Regional Planners.
Ambassador of: PUM Netherlands Senior Experts, The Hague
Researcher with: We Effect, Latin America (Swedish Cooperative Center) 2016-2018, 2022
Consultant at: The World Bank Group, Washington, DC, USA.  2015-2017
Adviser of: Thailand Institute of Scientific and Technological Research TISTR.  For ASEAN Conference, Bangkok. March 2019