This is the website of Jan Bredenoord, architect/urbanist/researcher.

The main objective of this website is to focus on development concerning affordable housing – i.e. housing for households with low incomes. As sustainable urban planning is always a precondition for housing, a focus on good urban practices and policies is essential. The search for relevant knowledge on affordable housing within the context of rapidly developing and changing cities might lead to the exchange of this knowledge.

Most of the information presented is related to social (or public) housing and (assisted) self-help housing in the cities of the urban Global South, where the population must be housed in a proper way, and where the future population growth must be well located and facilitated.

For the one billion people who are presently living in slums and deteriorated settlements of the cities in the Global South, affordable and sustainable habitat solutions are of vital importance. For these people, the provision of adequate land, basic services, and technical assistance for house building is crucial.

This website is in English. Some documents are written in Spanish (see: ‘Publications’).


Dr. ir. Jan Bredenoord is an architect/urbanist and researcher with over 40 years of experience as a consultant for housing and planning, initially mainly in the Netherlands. He worked on housing policies, regional and urban development, infrastructure planning, public transportation systems, and corporate management. He holds a PhD in management instruments and policies for cities with a special focus on public housing provision (1996) from the Delft University of Technology, the Netherlands. Since 1990 he has been working frequently in developing countries as a consultant and researcher regarding housing and urban planning issues. He has been on assignments in Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico, Nicaragua, Panama, Peru, Uganda, Uruguay, Vietnam, and Indonesia. He participated in more than 50 international missions. The assignments concerned sustainable urban planning, housing policies, feasibility studies, affordable housing, and low-cost housing. He was involved in improving municipal organizations and in the participation of housing organizations, housing cooperatives, and community-based organizations in urban planning processes. Since 2005 his research has focused more and more on affordable housing, assistance for self-help housing, land-for-housing programs, housing cooperatives, and sustainability aspects of housing and building materials.


His mission is to contribute to knowledge development in developing countries with regard to (social) housing and urban development. The improvement of the housing and environmental conditions of people in developing countries is a key condition for the fight against poverty. Supporting the common practice of ‘incremental housing’ through technical assistance is crucial herewith. The new focus on urban housing in the rapidly growing cities in developing countries is promising. The lack of access to land for housing, the lack of technical infrastructures and services, and the bad conditions in urban slums motivates him to work on the improvement of housing and environmental issues. For example, by searching best practices for the improvement of housing and living conditions of those who live in miserable circumstances.

Research fellow at: Utrecht University, Geosciences; International Development Studies
Consultant at: The World Bank Group, Washington, DC  2015-2017
Member of: ISOCARP International Society of City and Regional Planners
Expert with: PUM Netherlands Senior Experts, The Hague
Researcher with: We Effect, Latin America (Swedish Cooperative Center) 2016-2017
University of origin: University of Technology Delft, The Netherlands.
Registered in: Netherlands Register of Architects and Urbanists