Publications / projects


  • “The dynamics of urban planning and housing development in León Southeast, Nicaragua”. By Leendert de Bell (UU) and Jan Bredenoord. To be published by the end of 2018.


  • “Sustainable building materials for low-cost housing and the challenges facing their technological developments. Examples and lessons on bamboo, earth-block technologies, blocks of recycled materials, and improved concrete panels”. Available here.
  • “Self-Managed Cooperative Housing by Mutual-Assistance as Introduced in Central America between 2004 and 2016. The Attractiveness of the FUCVAM model of Uruguay”. J Archit Eng Tech 6: 188. doi: 10.4172/2168-9717.1000188. Available here.
  • ‘Cartera de cooperativas y comunidades’. ANEXO de la evaluación ‘Avances del movimiento cooperativo de vivienda por ayuda mutua en Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua y El Salvador’. (Programa Regional Vivienda y Hábitat América Latina 2014-2017, de We Effect y sus socios). Download


  • “Sustainable Housing and Building Materials for Low-income Households”. Journal of Architectural Engineering Technology. Vol. 5, Issue 1, 1000158. Download
  • Research project: ‘Evaluación del Programa Regional Vivienda y Hábitat”, de We Effect, América Central. Avances del movimiento cooperativo de vivienda por ayuda mutua en Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua y El Salvador. The results of this research project will be accessible in the course of 2017. Some parts are to be found at this website: see Housing Cooperatives.


  • “Sustainable new building materials by Trong Danh, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam”. With PUM, Netherlands Senior Experts. Download
  • “Building Materials Facility and Community training Center in Jinja, Uganda.” With ACTogether Uganda. By Jan Bredenoord and Paul van Lindert. Download
  • Reflections and recommendations on the Kamwanyi settlement in Kampala, Uganda (2015-2016) with The World Bank. By Jan Bredenoord and Paul van Lindert. [Not published; ask the authors]
  • Supporting Incremental Neighborhood and Housing Development – A Guide for Practitioners working with Communities, research project with The World Bank (2015-2016), the Korea Research Institute for Human Settlements (KRIHS), and the Housing Research Group. [Forthcoming publication (2016)] PowerPoint presentation April 2015. Download
  • Contributions to the 50th ISOCARP congress Rotterdam-Amsterdam. (October 2015). [Not published]



“Affordable Housing in the Urban Global South. Seeking Sustainable Solutions”. By Jan Bredenoord, Paul van Lindert, and Peer Smets. (Eds.) London/New York: Earthscan/Routledge.

  • Chapter 1. “Introduction: Sustainability, Governance, and Affordability of Low Income Housing”. By: Peer Smets, Paul van Lindert and Jan Bredenoord. Download
  • Chapter 4. “Backing the self-builders. Assisted self-help housing as a sustainable housing provision strategy”. By: Jan Bredenoord and Paul van Lindert. Download
  • Chapter 15. “Latin America Introduction, and “Affordable housing for low-income groups in Mexico and urban housing challenges of today”. By: Jan Bredenoord and Lorena Cabrera Montiel. Download
  • Chapter 20. “Self-help housing and upcoming policies for affordable housing in Nicaragua”. By: Jan Bredenoord and Bart van der Meulen. Download
  • Chapter 26. Conclusion: “Where Do We Go from Here?” By: Paul van Lindert, Peer Smets, and Jan Bredenoord. Download


  • “La transición en la construcción de viviendas en México: la producción de viviendas sociales en aumento: ¿el fin de la autoconstrucción?”. By Jan Bredenoord, with : The Housing Research Group. Download
  • “Repensando Tlalnepantla Central. Conclusiones preliminares”. With: Municipality of Tlalnepantla de Baz, México and ISOCARP; Urban Planning Advisory Team. PowerPoint presentation. Download
  • “Current Housing Typology in Tlalnepantla and Ideas for Housing Policy in the City Center”. (May 2013). With: Municipality of Tlalnepantla de Baz, Mexico and ISOCARP; Urban Planning Advisory Team. Download


  • “Desarrollo de una visión de futuro. Diagnóstico y Recomendaciones”. In cooperation with: Board and directory of the ‘Feria International de David’. Panama, September 28, 2012, With PUM, Netherlands Senior Experts. [Not published; ask the author]
  • “La construcción de viviendas de interés social y la autoconstrucción en Nicaragua en 2012”. By: Jan Bredenoord and Bart van der Meulen. With: The Housing Research Group. Download
  • The Urban Poor, Affordable Housing, and Sustainability. PowerPoint presentation.


  • “El movimiento cooperativo por la construcción de viviendas populares en Uruguay; las futuras tareas del modelo cooperativo de ayuda mutua, y movimientos contemporáneos comparables en algunos otros países latinoamericanos”. The Housing Research Group, Amersfoort, Netherlands. Download
  • Reflexions on the World Urban Forum of UN-Habitat , Rio de Janeiro, March 21-26-2010. By Jan Bredenoord. Download
  • “Tussen zelfbouw en sociale woningbouw in Mexico”. (Between self-help and social housing in Mexico) By: Jan Bredenoord and Otto Verkoren. Article in GEOGRAFIE; Journal of KNAG. March 2011. Utrecht, Netherlands.
  • Empowering the municipal role on low- and middle-income housing and livability issues (2011). Paper on the strengthening of municipal management. Bredenoord, J. With The Housing research Group. [Not publshed]



  • Editorial on Special Issue on Self-help Housing: “Equal access to shelter: Coping with the urban crisis by supporting self-help housing“. Jan Bredenoord, Paul van Lindert, and Peer Smets. In: Habitat International, Volume 34, Issue 3, July 2010.

In this volume the following ‘own’ contributions:

  • “Pro-poor housing policies. Rethinking the potential of assisted self-help housing”. By Jan Bredenoord and Paul van Lindert. Download
  • “Progressive housing approaches in current Peruvian policies”. By Ana-Maria Fernandez-Maldonado and Jan Bredenoord. Download
  • “Between Self-Help – and Institutional Housing: a Bird’s eye view of Mexico’s housing production for low and (lower) middle-income groups”. By Jan Bredenoord and Otto Verkoren. Download

OTHER WORK in 2010

  • “The people’s struggle for affordable living space. The role of self-help housing from 1950 – 2010 and beyond”. (2010) Bredenoord, J. The Housing Research Group, Netherlands. Download
  • “Sustainable Urban design. The Next step (2010)’. Stichting Beurslage Projecten Amsterdam, F. Adriaans et al. Uitgeverij Blauwdruk, Amsterdam. Co-author: Bredenoord, Dr. J. 2010. Member editorial committee. Wageningen, Netherlands. Download


  • “Practices and policies related to self-help housing; an introduction to The Research 2008-2009”. By Jan Bredenoord, Utrecht University and The Housing Research Group, Netherlands. Download


  • “Política Municipal de Vivienda en León, Etapa de Ejecución. Plan de Acción de Vivienda 2008″. Municipality of León, Nicaragua with Municipality of Utrecht. By Jan Bredenoord, and Carolina Blandón, and Enrique López. Download
  • “Urban Development and Self-help Activities in León, Nicaragua”. By: Jan Bredenoord, in co-operation with Desiree van de Ven and Patricia Ardiles. In: The Challenge of Social innovation in urban revitalization Eds.: Paul Drewe et al. Techne Press/ Delft University of Technology, Netherlands. Download
  • “Banco de Materiales Municipal en León Sureste”. Description of the actual situation of the municipal Building Materials Bank of León, Nicaragua. September 2008. By: Jan Bredenoord, Enrique Lopez, Yilver Guerrero, Indiana Barrantes, Carolina Blandón. Download


  • “Contribuciones para la política municipal de vivienda en Nicaragua”, Dr.  Jan Bredenoord , Consejo Nacional de Hermanamientos Holanda – Nicaragua (Document: 28-11-2006)
  • “Sustainable Urban design. Perspectives and Examples” (2006). Stichting Beursloge Projecten Amsterdam, F. Adriaans, et al. Co-editor and author: Jan Bredenoord. Uitgeverij Blauwdruk, Wageningen, Netherlands. A second version of this book was published in 2010: Sustainable Urban design. te Next Step (2010). See above.


  • “Observaciones sobre el desarrollo territorial de la ciudad de Piura-Castilla”, Municipal Province of Piura, in cooperation with PUM Netherlands Senior Experts. The Hague.
  • “Municipal Planning and the Strategies for Carrying it out”. In: ‘Shifting Sense in spatial planning. Looking Back into the future’. Hulsbergen, et al (Eds); Delft University of Technology/Techne Press Amsterdam (Pages: 317-331) Delft/Amsterdam, Netherlands.
    Get full text: file:///C:/Users/Gebruiker/Downloads/Shifting.Sense.BW.cropped.sept06%20(9).pdf


  • “Zelfbouw in Lima, Kleinschalig maar met grote gevolgen” (2004); Jan Bredenoord and Lex Veldkamp, in: Tijdschrift voor de volkshuisvesting, NIROV, februari 2004, Nr. 1. NIROV, The Hague. English translation available. “Self-building in Lima. Small scale, but with a big impact”.  The Hague, Netherlands. Download


  • “Urban Expansion Plan León South East, Nicaragua”. Sites-and-Services Scheme for 6,000 plots in León, Nicaragua (2000-2010). By Jan Bredenoord. Supported by the Municipalities of León and Utrecht, and Urbanetwork, Netherlands. Download
  • Survey self-building of houses in Lima. “The Role of assisted self-help housing in three planned barriadas in the peripheral urban areas of the metropolis of Lima”. By Jan Bredenoord in cooperation with Liliana Miranda and Paul Pilco Dorregaray. Download


  • “Investigación Autoconstrucción de Viviendas en Lima, Perú (2002)”. Urbanetwork, in cooperation with Foro Ciudades para la Vida and Ecociudad, Lima, 2002. Cooperation with city-bonds Utrecht-León (Netherlands – Nicaragua) and Amstelveen – Villa el Salvador (Netherlands – Peru). Urbanetwork, Lima, Peru / Amersfoort, Netherlands. Download
  • “Pilot Project San Juan Macías, San Borja, Lima”. Urban revitalization Project. Municipality of San Borga, Lima, Peru, and Netherlands Senior Experts, The Hague. Authors: Jan Bredenoord and Lex Veldkamp.


  • “Expansión Urbana León Sur Este, Plan Estructural para el Nuevo Distrito”. Sustained by the Netherlands Ministry of Development, the City bond León-Utrecht and the Government of Nicaragua); León, Nicaragua; Utrecht, Netherlands.
  • Various urban developments at neighborhood level within León South East.

Before 2000

Urban Planning publications and documents

  • Strategic Urban Investments. With municipalities of Almelo, Deventer, Hengelo, Utrecht, Zwolle, BugelHajema Advisors, and Delft University of Technology (1998). (Dutch language)
  • Strategic Planning in the City of León, Nicaragua (various plans). Download
  • Structure Plan as an Instrument of Urban Planning. Translation and revision of an article in the Netherlands Municipals Management Magazine. Stadswerk, The Hague, 1997. Download
  • Planning and Managing the City of the Future. PhD-thesis. Delft University of Technology, 1996. (thesis in Netherlands language; summary available in English). Download
  • Developing the Sustainable Urban district of Twente. Stadsgewest Twente op weg naar 2010. Jan Bredenoord and Frits Locher.Journal Stedebouw&Volkshuisvesting,  The Hague, 1994 (Dutch language).
  • Town Planning in León, Nicaragua. Journal Open House International, Housing, Design and Development, University of Newcastle Upon Tine, CASDO, United Kingdom. ISSN 0168-2601 Vol.18, No.2, 1993. Download
  • Nieuwe vorm voor het structuurplan (New forms for urban structure planning). Bredenoord, J. an T. van Laar. (April 1991). In: stedenbouw en Volkshuisvesting. Dutch Planning and Housing Journal. The Hague.
  • Notes on leisure forms an structures at the city level. Paper presented to the 26th ISOCARP Congress in Guadalajara, Mexico.
  • Toekomstperspectieven voor Utrecht (Future perspectives for the City of Utrecht). Bredenoord, J. en H. Schuurs. Dutch Journal PLAN 3 /4, 1989. Amsterdam.
  • Stadsontwerp en Structuurplan. (Urban design and structue planning at the city level). Bredenoord, J. In: Stedebouw en Volkshuisvesting. Dutch Planning and Housing Journal. September 1987. The Hague.
  • Innovation in Urban Design in the City of Utrecht. Bredenoord, J.  Paper presented to the IHFP World Planning Congress in Adelaide, Australia.