Publications / projects


  • “Sustainable building materials for low-cost housing and the challenges facing their technological developments. Examples and lessons on bamboo, earth-block technologies, blocks of recycled materials, and improved concrete panels”. Available here.
  • “Self-Managed Cooperative Housing by Mutual-Assistance as Introduced in Central America between 2004 and 2016. The Attractiveness of the FUCVAM model of Uruguay”. J Archit Eng Tech 6: 188. doi: 10.4172/2168-9717.1000188. Available here.
  • ‘Cartera de cooperativas y comunidades’. ANEXO de la evaluación ‘Avances del movimiento cooperativo de vivienda por ayuda mutua en Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua y El Salvador’. (Programa Regional Vivienda y Hábitat América Latina 2014-2017, de We Effect y sus socios). Download


  • “Sustainable Housing and Building Materials for Low-income Households”. Journal of Architectural Engineering Technology. Vol. 5, Issue 1, 1000158. Download
  • Research project: ‘Evaluación del Programa Regional Vivienda y Hábitat”, de We Effect, América Central. Avances del movimiento cooperativo de vivienda por ayuda mutua en Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua y El Salvador. The results of this research project will be accessible in the course of 2017. Some parts are to be found at this website: see Housing Cooperatives.


  • “Sustainable new building materials by Trong Danh, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam”. With PUM, Netherlands Senior Experts. Download
  • “Building Materials Facility and Community training Center in Jinja, Uganda.” With ACTogether Uganda. By Jan Bredenoord and Paul van Lindert. Download
  • Reflections and recommendations on the Kamwanyi settlement in Kampala, Uganda (2015-2016) with The World Bank. By Jan Bredenoord and Paul van Lindert. [Not published]
  • Supporting Incremental Neighborhood and Housing Development – A Guide for Practitioners working with Communities, research project with The World Bank (2015-2016), the Korea Research Institute for Human Settlements (KRIHS), and the Housing Research Group. [Forthcoming publication (2016)] PowerPoint presentation April 2015. Download
  • Contributions to the 50th ISOCARP congress Rotterdam-Amsterdam. (October 2015). [Not published]



“Affordable Housing in the Urban Global South. Seeking Sustainable Solutions”. By Jan Bredenoord, Paul van Lindert, and Peer Smets. (Eds.) London/New York: Earthscan/Routledge.

  • Chapter 1. “Introduction: Sustainability, Governance, and Affordability of Low Income Housing”. By: Peer Smets, Paul van Lindert and Jan Bredenoord. Download
  • Chapter 4. “Backing the self-builders. Assisted self-help housing as a sustainable housing provision strategy”. By: Jan Bredenoord and Paul van Lindert. Download
  • Chapter 15. Latin America Introduction, and “Affordable housing for low-income groups in Mexico and urban housing challenges of today”. By: Jan Bredenoord and Lorena Cabrera Montiel. Download
  • Chapter 20. “Self-help housing and upcoming policies for affordable housing in Nicaragua”. By: Jan Bredenoord and Bart van der Meulen. Download
  • Chapter 26. Conclusion: “Where Do We Go from Here?” By: Paul van Lindert, Peer Smets, and Jan Bredenoord. Download


  • “La transición en la construcción de viviendas en México: la producción de viviendas sociales en aumento: ¿el fin de la autoconstrucción?”. By Jan Bredenoord, with : The Housing Research Group. Download
  • “Repensando Tlalnepantla Central. Conclusiones preliminares”. With: Municipality of Tlalnepantla de Baz, México and ISOCARP; Urban Planning Advisory Team. PowerPoint presentation. Download
  • “Current Housing Typology in Tlalnepantla and Ideas for Housing Policy in the City Center”. (May 2013). With: Municipality of Tlalnepantla de Baz, Mexico and ISOCARP; Urban Planning Advisory Team. Download


  • “Desarrollo de una visión de futuro. Diagnóstico y Recomendaciones”. In cooperation with: Board and directory of the ‘Feria International de David’. Panama, September 28, 2012, With PUM, Netherlands Senior Experts. [Not published]
  • “La construcción de viviendas de interés social y la autoconstrucción en Nicaragua en 2012”. By: Jan Bredenoord and Bart van der Meulen. With: The Housing Research Group. Download
  • The Urban Poor, Affordable Housing, and Sustainability. PowerPoint presentation.


  • “El movimiento cooperativo por la construcción de viviendas populares en Uruguay; las futuras tareas del modelo cooperativo de ayuda mutua, y movimientos contemporáneos comparables en algunos otros países latinoamericanos”. The Housing Research Group, Amersfoort, Netherlands. Download
  • Reflexions on the World Urban Forum of UN-Habitat , Rio de Janeiro, March 21-26-2010. By Jan Bredenoord. Download
  • “Tussen zelfbouw en sociale woningbouw in Mexico”. (Between self-help and social housing in Mexico) By: Jan Bredenoord and Otto Verkoren. An Article in GEOGRAFIE; Journal of KNAG. March 2011. Utrecht, Netherlands.
  • Empowering the municipal role on low- and middle-income housing and livability issues (2011). Paper on the strengthening of municipal management. Bredenoord, J. With The Housing research Group. [Not publshed]



  • Editorial on Special Issue on Self-help Housing: “Equal access to shelter: Coping with the urban crisis by supporting self-help housing“. Jan Bredenoord, Paul van Lindert, and Peer Smets. In: Habitat International, Volume 34, Issue 3, July 2010.

In this volume the following ‘own’ contributions:

  • “Pro-poor housing policies. Rethinking the potential of assisted self-help housing”. By Jan Bredenoord and Paul van Lindert. Download
  • “Progressive housing approaches in current Peruvian policies”. By Ana-Maria Fernandez-Maldonado and Jan Bredenoord. Download
  • “Between Self-Help – and Institutional Housing: a Bird’s eye view of Mexico’s housing production for low and (lower) middle-income groups”. By Jan Bredenoord and Otto Verkoren. Download


  • “The people’s struggle for affordable living space. The role of self-help housing from 1950 – 2010 and beyond”. (2010) Bredenoord, J. The Housing Research Group, Netherlands. Download
  • “Sustainable Urban design. The Next step (2010)’. Stichting Beurslage Projecten Amsterdam, F. Adriaans et al. Uitgeverij Blauwdruk, Amsterdam. Co-author: Bredenoord, Dr. J. 2010. Member editorial committee. Wageningen, Netherlands. Download


  • “Practices and policies related to self-help housing; an introduction to The Research 2008-2009”. By Jan Bredenoord, Utrecht University and The Housing Research Group, Netherlands. Download


  • “Política Municipal de Vivienda en León, Etapa de Ejecución. Plan de Acción de Vivienda 2008″. Municipality of León, Nicaragua with Municipality of Utrecht. By Jan Bredenoord and a municipal team in León. Download
  • “Urban Development and Self-help Activities in León, Nicaragua”. By: Jan Bredenoord, in co-operation with Desiree van de Ven and Patricia Ardiles. In: The Challenge of Social innovation in urban revitalization Eds.: Paul Drewe et al. Techne Press/ Delft University of Technology, Netherlands. Download
  • “Banco de Materiales Municipal en León Sureste”. Description of the actual situation of the municipal Building Materials Bank of León, Nicaragua. September 2008. By: Jan Bredenoord, Enrique Lopez, Yilver Guerrero, Indiana Barrantes, Carolina Blandón. Download


  • “Contribuciones para la política municipal de vivienda en Nicaragua”, Dr.  Jan Bredenoord , Consejo Nacional de Hermanamientos Holanda – Nicaragua (Document: 28-11-2006)
  • “Sustainable Urban design. Perspectives and Examples” (2006). Stichting Beursloge Projecten Amsterdam, F. Adriaans, et al. Co-editor and author: Jan Bredenoord. Uitgeverij Blauwdruk, Wageningen, Netherlands. A second version of this book was published in 2010: Sustainable Urban design. te Next Step (2010). See above.


  • “Observaciones sobre el desarrollo territorial de la ciudad de Piura-Castilla”, Municipal Province of Piura, in cooperation with PUM Netherlands Senior Experts. The Hague.
  • “Municipal Planning and the Strategies for Carrying it out”. In: ‘Shifting Sense in spatial planning. Looking Back into the future’. Hulsbergen, et al (Eds); Delft University of Technology/Techne Press Amsterdam (Pages: 317-331) Delft/Amsterdam, Netherlands.
    Get full text: file:///C:/Users/Gebruiker/Downloads/Shifting.Sense.BW.cropped.sept06%20(9).pdf


  • “Zelfbouw in Lima, Kleinschalig maar met grote gevolgen” (2004); Jan Bredenoord and Lex Veldkamp, in: Tijdschrift voor de volkshuisvesting, NIROV, februari 2004, Nr. 1. NIROV, The Hague. English translation available. “Self-building in Lima. Small scale, but with a big impact”.  The Hague, Netherlands. Download


  • “Urban Expansion Plan León South East, Nicaragua”. Sites-and-Services Scheme for 6,000 plots in León, Nicaragua (2000-2010). By Jan Bredenoord. Supported by the Municipalities of León and Utrecht, and Urbanetwork, Netherlands. Download
  • Survey self-building of houses in Lima. “The Role of assisted self-help housing in three planned barriadas in the peripheral urban areas of the metropolis of Lima”. By Jan Bredenoord in cooperation with Liliana Miranda and Paul Pilco Dorregaray. Download


  • “Investigación Autoconstrucción de Viviendas en Lima, Perú (2002)”. Urbanetwork, in cooperation with Foro Ciudades para la Vida and Ecociudad, Lima, 2002. Cooperation with city-bonds Utrecht-León (Netherlands – Nicaragua) and Amstelveen – Villa el Salvador (Netherlands – Peru). Urbanetwork, Lima, Peru / Amersfoort, Netherlands. Download
  • “Pilot Project San Juan Macías, San Borja, Lima”. Urban revitalization Project. Municipality of San Borga, Lima, Peru, and Netherlands Senior Experts, The Hague. Authors: Jan Bredenoord and Lex Veldkamp.


  • “Expansión Urbana León Sur Este, Plan Estructural para el Nuevo Distrito”. Sustained by the Netherlands Ministry of Development, the City bond León-Utrecht and the Government of Nicaragua); León, Nicaragua; Utrecht, Netherlands.
  • Various urban developments at neighborhood level within León South East.

Before 2000

Urban Planning publications and documents

  • Strategic Urban Investments. With municipalities of Almelo, Deventer, Hengelo, Utrecht, Zwolle, BugelHajema Advisors, and Delft University of Technology (1998). (Dutch language)
  • Strategic Planning in the City of León, Nicaragua (various plans). Download
  • Structure Plan as an Instrument of Urban Planning. Translation and revision of an article in the Netherlands Municipals Management Magazine. Stadswerk, The Hague, 1997. Download
  • Planning and Managing the City of the Future. PhD-thesis. Delft University of Technology, 1996. (thesis in Netherlands language; summary available in English). Download
  • Developing the Sustainable Urban district of Twente. Stadsgewest Twente op weg naar 2010. Jan Bredenoord and Frits Locher.Journal Stedebouw&Volkshuisvesting,  The Hague, 1994 (Dutch language).
  • Town Planning in León, Nicaragua. Journal Open House International, Housing, Design and Development, University of Newcastle Upon Tine, CASDO, United Kingdom. ISSN 0168-2601 Vol.18, No.2, 1993. Download